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Schur-convexity of the complete elementary symmetric function

Journal of Inequalities and Applications20062006:67624

  • Received: 2 October 2004
  • Accepted: 27 January 2005
  • Published:


We prove that the complete elementary symmetric function and the function are Schur-convex functions in , where are nonnegative integers, , . For which, some inequalities are established by use of the theory of majorization. A problem given by K. V. Menon (Duke Mathematical Journal 35 (1968), 37–45) is also solved.


  • Nonnegative Integer
  • Symmetric Function
  • Mathematical Journal
  • Elementary Symmetric Function
  • Duke Mathematical Journal


Authors’ Affiliations

Department of Mathematics and Physics, Nanhua University, Hengyang, Hunan, 421001, China


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