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Retraction Note: Poisson-type inequalities for growth properties of positive superharmonic functions

The Original Article was published on 06 January 2017

Retraction Note

The Editors-in-Chief have retracted this article because it shows significant overlap with an article by different authors that was simultaneously under consideration with another journal [1]. The article also shows evidence of authorship manipulation and peer review manipulation. Additionally, the identity of the corresponding author could not be verified: Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais have confirmed that John Vieira has not been affiliated with their Department of Mathematics. The authors have not responded to correspondence regarding this retraction.


  1. Lai, K., Mu, J., Wang, H.: New applications of Schrödingerean Green potential to boundary behaviors of superharmonic functions. Bound Value Probl 2017, 21 (2017).

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Correspondence to John Vieira.

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