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On multivalued nonlinear variational inclusion problems with -accretive mappings in Banach spaces

Journal of Inequalities and Applications20062006:59836

  • Received: 20 January 2006
  • Accepted: 15 May 2006
  • Published:


Based on the notion of -accretive mappings and the resolvent operators associated with -accretive mappings due to Lan et al., we study a new class of multivalued nonlinear variational inclusion problems with -accretive mappings in Banach spaces and construct some new iterative algorithms to approximate the solutions of the nonlinear variational inclusion problems involving -accretive mappings. We also prove the existence of solutions and the convergence of the sequences generated by the algorithms in -uniformly smooth Banach spaces.


  • Banach Space
  • Iterative Algorithm
  • Variational Inclusion
  • Smooth Banach Space
  • Inclusion Problem


Authors’ Affiliations

Department of Mathematics, Sichuan University of Science & Engineering, Zigong, Sichuan, 643000, China


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