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On Multiple Interpolation Functions of the -Genocchi Polynomials


Recently, many mathematicians have studied various kinds of the -analogue of Genocchi numbers and polynomials. In the work (New approach to q-Euler, Genocchi numbers and their interpolation functions, "Advanced Studies in Contemporary Mathematics, vol. 18, no. 2, pp. 105–112, 2009.", Kim defined new generating functions of -Genocchi, -Euler polynomials, and their interpolation functions. In this paper, we give another definition of the multiple Hurwitz type -zeta function. This function interpolates -Genocchi polynomials at negative integers. Finally, we also give some identities related to these polynomials.

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Rim, SH., Jin, JH., Moon, EJ. et al. On Multiple Interpolation Functions of the -Genocchi Polynomials. J Inequal Appl 2010, 351419 (2010).

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