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Integral Means Inequalities for Fractional Derivatives of a Unified Subclass of Prestarlike Functions with Negative Coefficients

Journal of Inequalities and Applications20072007:097135

  • Received: 24 May 2007
  • Accepted: 28 July 2007
  • Published:


Integral means inequalities are obtained for the fractional derivatives of order of functions belonging to a unified subclass of prestarlike functions. Relevant connections with various known integral means inequalities are also pointed out.


  • Fractional Derivative
  • Negative Coefficient
  • Relevant Connection
  • Prestarlike Function
  • Unify Subclass


Authors’ Affiliations

Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science and Letters, University of Dicle, Diyarbakır, 21280, Turkey
Department of Mathematics, Kinki University, Osaka, Higashi-Osaka 577-8502, Japan


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