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Applications of W. A. Kirk's fixed-point theorem to generalized nonlinear variational-like inequalities in reflexive Banach spaces

Journal of Inequalities and Applications20052005:634163

  • Received: 10 September 2003
  • Published:


We introduce and study a new class of generalized nonlinear variational-like inequalities, which includes these variational inequalities and variational-like inequalities due to Bose, Cubiotti, Dien, Ding, Ding and Tarafdar, Noor, Parida, Sahoo, and Kumar, and Yao, and others as special cases. By applying Kirk's fixed-point theorem and Ding-Tan minimax inequality, we establish the existence theorems of solutions for the generalized nonlinear variational-like inequalities in reflexive Banach spaces.

Authors’ Affiliations

Department of Mathematics, Liaoning Normal University, Liaoning, Dalian, 116029, China
Department of Applied Mathematics, College of Natural Sciences, Changwon National University, Kyongnam, Changwon, 641-773, Korea
Department of Mathematics and Research Institute of Natural Science, Gyeongsang National University, Jinju, 660-701, Korea


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