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Inequalities for Single Crystal Ribbon Growth by Edge-Defined Film-Fed Growth Technique


A second-order nonlinear differential equation, of which some solutions describe the static meniscus free surface (the static liquid bridge free surface between the shaper and the crystal surface) occurring in single crystal ribbon growth, is analyzed. The analysis is focusing on the dependence of the solutions of the equation on the pressure difference across the free surface. Inequalities are deduced for , which are necessary or sufficient conditions for the stable and convex free surface of a static meniscus. The obtained results are numerically illustrated in the case of a silicon single crystal ribbon growth. The advantage of these kinds of inequalities is that from them special results can be gleaned concerning the experiment planning and technology design. With this aim this study was undertaken.

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Balint, S., Balint, A.M. Inequalities for Single Crystal Ribbon Growth by Edge-Defined Film-Fed Growth Technique. J Inequal Appl 2008, 381604 (2008).

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